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The following are guidelines that you agree to as a vendor of the Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival.

If you choose not to comply with these guidelines, The Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival Management or Fort Worth Police Department will ask you to leave the Festival site without refund.


Vendors of the Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival are required to provide the following:


  • Completed Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival Vendor Application

  • Copy of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Certificate. Vendors are required to have a minimum of $1,000,000 general liability insurance showing Unity Unlimited, as an additional insured with coverage being primary and non-contributory.

  • Food vendors -Temporary Special Event Food Permit from City of Fort Worth Code Compliance

  • Merchandise-Only Vendors: copy of Texas Sales Tax Permit

  • Food Truck Vendors must provide proof of auto insurance coverage, with a minimum $1,000,000 Auto – Symbol 1 policy showing Unity Unlimited as an additional insured.

  • Food/Beverage Concession Vendors must provide proof of insurance, minimum $2,000,000 umbrella coverage in the form of a Certificate of Liability showing Unity Unlimited Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival as an additional insured party and listing the Festival dates June 14 – June 16, 2024.

Note: It is the sole responsibility of each vendor to contact the City of Ft. Worth Health Department regarding local and state requirements for selling goods and services at the 2024 Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival 


  • Vendor applications will not be accepted without payment. Payment forms are cash, credit card, or cashier’s check. Payment deadline is 5 pm, May 15, 2024.


  • All Vendor space rentals are final. No refunds. The festival will take place, rain or shine. Artists and programs are subject to change without notice. Projected festival attendees are only an estimate, not a guarantee.


  • Outdoor Food Truck Vendors will be located in designated area of Panther Island Pavilion. Load in will take place on Friday, June 14th on a first-come, first-served basis. Vendors with unpaid vendor fees will not be permitted to enter the festival vendor parking area.

  • Retail/Merchandise Vendors will be located in the vendors community area and designated area 

  • The Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival and its management team does not guarantee sales of any vendor and reserves the right to change vendor locations without notice, in accordance with changes that are made to the Panther Island Pavilion.

  • If banners are used, they must be free-standing banners. No hanging banners are allowed.

  • Selling outside of a vendor’s paid space is not permitted under any circumstances. The space assigned at vendor check-in is the only space allotted. If a vendor realizes that additional space is needed, the request must be made in advance, to Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival Vendor Management Coordinator. Additional space is contracted based on availability and vendors must pay for additional space, before sales are allowed.


  • All vendor materials/equipment must be removed from the Tarrant County Community College and Panther Island Pavilion areas placed in designated trash bins no later than midnight June 16. Vendor tear-down begins immediately following the end of the final show/act on Sunday, June 16. Any vendor that tears down vendor space prior to this time, without authorization, risks vendor access denial in subsequent festival years.


  • Vendors are required to provide proof of general liability insurance. Unity Unlimited, Inc. /Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival, Panther Island Pavilion nor Tarrant County College will be held liable for any vendor losses.

  • Vendors operating motor vehicles on Tarrant County College and Panther Island Pavilion property must provide proof of auto insurance coverage, minimum $1,000,000 (Auto-Symbol 1 policy showing Unity Unlimited Inc. as an additional insured).

  • Food vendors are required to have a minimum $2,000,000 umbrella policy. A copy of the vendor’s insurance certificate specifically evidencing Unity Unlimited, Inc. /Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival and coverage for the dates of June 14 – June 16 , 2024 is required as part of the reservation confirmation process.

  • If the vendor does not have insurance, it must be purchased and the required documentation provided with Vendor Application. To inquire or purchase vendor insurance, contact your insurance company or Kendrick Parker @ (817) 294-2370.


  • Vendors are not allowed to offer in-door interactive attractions such as mechanical bulls, gyroscopes, bungee trampolines, climbing walls, or any illegal products or substances, etc.


  • Vendors are responsible for electricity usage. Electrical cords and lights are not provided. Use of halogen lights in or around vendor space is prohibited.


  • The festival does not offer Internet/Wi-Fi usage. Vendors must provide their own Internet/Wi-Fi.


  • All vendors are responsible for cleaning their contracted vending area. Vendors will be billed for trash removal. There are no sewer connections at the Festival site.

  • Note: There is an additional $300 charge for cleaning assigned vendor areas, or if vendor dumps materials in unauthorized locations.


  • All lodging and travel is the responsibility of the vendor. Arrival/departure dates are at vendor’s discretion. Overnight vendor camping on festival premises is prohibited.


  • Festival will provide overnight security to monitor festival grounds.


  • Vendors are not permitted to bring outside food and beverage carry-ins into the Festival.

  • Pets are not allowed. Essential service animals are permitted.


  • Water and ice will be provided. Vendors ARE NOT allowed to sell water. 


  • Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival provides on-premises security throughout the weekend of the Festival but is not responsible for vendor theft, damage, or loss of property. This includes vendors, agents, employees, business invitees, visitors, and guests.

  • Each vendor must carry appropriate insurance. Vendor materials should be packed away or secured each night.

  • Vendors agree to hold Unity Unlimited, Inc. /Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival and/or any person, organization or corporation for whom Unity Unlimited Inc. /Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival contracts, forever harmless of any and all damages or charges imposed for violations of any law or ordinance, whether occasioned by negligence of the vendors or those holding under the vendor.

  • Vendors shall at all times protect, indemnify, and hold Unity Unlimited, Inc. /Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival and/or any person, organization or corporation for whom Unity Unlimited, Inc. / Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival contracts, forever harmless against and from any and all losses, costs (including attorneys’ fees), damage, liability, or expense arising from, or out of, or by reason of an accident or bodily injury of other occurrence to any person or persons, including the vendor, its agents, employees, and business invitees, which arises from or out of or by reason of said vendor’s occupancy and of the vendor on premises or a part thereof.

  • Vendors are at all times responsible for their property. Matters not covered in this agreement are subject to the decision of Unity Unlimited, Inc. /Juneteenth Family Reunion Festival Directors. If legal action must be taken, vendors will incur all legal fees.

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